How Fashion Adds Value in Culture and Society

Fashion, culture, and society are reflections of each other. We cannot understand them without interlinking them. As per our beliefs — society is made up of People, the Culture is their way of life, and Fashion is the final layer that wraps them up together like a nice scarf.

If we attempt to see society and culture through the lens of fashion, they look quite blurry. This is primarily because our Identity in terms of fashion is almost lost. By writing these blogs, we don’t intend to start a debate on designing in terms of looks rather we want to define society and culture in terms of fashion.

In our circle, we have defined fashion as wearing designer brands and hefty price tags, but this limited mindset has constricted us from understanding the true depth, scope, and power of fashion.

Here at Hayaa, we would like to reframe our boundaries and allow ourselves to see beyond these conventional definitions. We are going to interlink fashion with education, technology, cross cultural ideas, and practices, we envision hybridization of current apparel and clothing stores to Promote the concept of Personalized shopping. In addition, we are also looking into setting up processes that can promote circular economies by reintroducing pre-owned items to the market. We are also working on creating VR-based software that allows designers and customers alike to use their imaginations and revolutionize the way they interact with fashion.

As part of our core beliefs, we understand that true fashion stands for care, honesty, truth, respect, politeness, covering, and a perception of colors and designs w.r.t geographical regions, cultural identities, and individual personalities.

We also realize that our core belief shared above can’t be achieved without empowering local communities with international best practices and expert changemakers.

In a nutshell, our mission is to empower local fashion to meet international standards and through this endeavor, we aim to upgrade our society culturally and economically.


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